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From Fog to Flood
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October 1 - October 31, 2017

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Julie Hendricks
Lazy River - Pastel
The Gulch - Pastel
Down to the Sea- Pastel

Coming Soon!

The Artist

Bruce Holgers
River at Flood - Watercolor
Water Street Bridge and Government Center - Watercolor

I have been painting watercolors for a late-working-years and retirement pastime since 2009. I am fortunate to live within walking distance of these two scenes of the San Lorenzo River—especially fortunate not to have the flood spill on to me. This time.

I was born and raised in Oakland, California and educated at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz. I landed back in this area by plain luck as this is where I found a job. I taught at Mission Hill School in Santa Cruz for 20 years, then switched to food—baking, cooking chef-fing , eventually retiring as a senior dining hall cook at UCSC.

My connection with the San Lorenzo Valley goes back to the generation of my paternal grandfather. He—and many neighboring young men—left the Swedish speaking west coast of Finland and came here to lumber the San Lorenzo Valley bare. My father quoted his father as saying that he came to “Bowl-der Creeeek” at the turn of the nineteenth century. The next time he came to the US he took his family to Seattle, Washington. Something about an earthquake! Like many families with this connection, I have an old photo of a group of young men posing atop a several-yards-wide tree stump. Which one is my grandfather??? The one in the bowler hat with the mustache.

The Artist



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Robert Weston Holmes
Heron and Reflections - Watercolor
The Heron and the Butterfly - Watercolor
Egret in the Fog - Watercolor
Night Heron Emerging from a Dream - Watercolor
Fog on the River - Watercolor

I was bom at San Francisco Ca-Grew up in the bay area and a Sierra cattle ranch.

I always felt I was bom an artist and drew pictures from my earliest memories and was the class artist throughout my schooldays. I took a few art classes at Cabrillo College and had a one man drawing show at San Jose State. I took my first watercolor class at a Capitola Parks and Recreation program. I feel I'm about 90% self taught and I'm currently painting with a group at the Scotts Valley Senior Center.

Between life's tribulations and making a living I found little time for art and thought that once I retired I would be able to devote my life to painting, but between traveling and 10 years of daycare for my four grand daughters I was 75 years old before I was free at last and now I'm pushing 80 and painting is about all I can do most every day.

Watercolor is my choice of medium, I love it, it's simple fast and relatively inexpensive. I'm always in awe of being able to create something with nothing more than water, some pigments and a blank piece of paper, it seems almost a miracle to me.

The Artist


Beverly Martin
Roaring Camp in Spring - Acrylic on Canvas - $658
Shelter in the Redwoods - Watercolor - $355
Over the River and Through the Woods - Watercolor
- $365
Redwoods Above River Below - Watercolor
- $355
Fern River Hide-Away - Watercolor - $365

I started drawing when, as a young girl, our family left farming in Illinois and carne to California where we bought a home near the beach and I helped Mom keep the younger ones happy with crayons and paint. I saw life and nature dancing and vibrating all around me and discovered I could capture a bit ofit in my drawings. I have continued to draw and paint throughout my life. I met and married my husband, Eugene, and in 1971 we moved our family to San Lorenzo Valley where we bought and operated Fem River Resort and where we have been privileged to live, work and raise our two sons.

I am mostly a self taught, story telling realist, attempting to capture and communicate in my paintings of people, animals, and nature something of life's precious moments. Here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the giant redwoods whisper and the river sings of Nature's profound essence and I have thrilled to explore her secret pathways. Working from my photographs, I try to capture in my paintings that elusive essence ofthe subject, that sense of life and energy one can feel in nature's presence. I paint in watercolor, acrylic and oils. The creative process is a joumey toward discovery, powerful, expansive and healing. For me it is life revealed and hopefully expressed in a way that others may see and sense its wonder. In addition, to my fine art paintings, I accept commissioned portrait work of families, men, women, children, animals and places. See examples of some of my portraits and paintings on line.

I am currently teaching watercolor painting at Scotts Valley Senior Center every Thursday, 9 am to noon on a drop in basis. All levels of experience are welcome. Start anytime.

My work has been juried into various venues including: Santa Cruz Open Studios Art Tour, The 79th Statewide Irreplaceable Places, Santa Cruz's First Friday Night.

The Artist

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Mik Moore
Trestle on the San Lorenzo – Watercolor on Paper - $75

I am a retired sociology professor (Cabrillo College) who enjoys painting the beauty of our local scene, beaches, rivers, redwoods, the ocean and all.  I arrived in Santa Cruz from Cambridge, England, in 1980, and after a visit to West Cliff never went home.  

The Artist

Alecia Morgan
Look, Listen and Learn – Photographic Print

I was born in Berkeley, California in 1941 just before Pearl Harbor happened. I moved to Lompico in 1973 and have lived in my home ever since. I moved here as a widow with two small children. They attended local schools. I worked for Lockheed in Sunnyvale, when it was near the cherry orchards, until I retired.

I have always been interested in photography since, when I was about 7, my brother showed me how to process and print black and white pictures in his darkroom. My parents got me an old box type camera.

I took all of the photos in the picture I am submitting with a 'point and shoot' camera I used to have, (it went for a swim in Loch Lomond and never recovered) I took most of these pictures from my kayak at Loch Lomond in the last few years while I practiced "Look, Listen and Learn." I was a docent with Sempervirens until I had to stop because of physical problems. I am very connected to the Santa Cruz Mountains and all that live there from small insects to the giant Redwoods. I feel strongly about the importance of the need for balance between the water, land and air that are our gifts in our beautiful area. I enjoy sharing my pictures with people and want with all my heart to have people actually, LOOK, LISTEN AND LEARN as they roam around in our beautiful country. The preservation of this beauty is so important for all future generations. I would wish that all people could feel as I do. I feel that by practicing my motto of Look, Listen and Learn, they all could.

The Artist

Kaelin O'Hare
To the Sea – Watercolor
TMeadow Fog– Watercolor

Kaelin O’Hare is an illustrator and painter, who currently divides her time between her family home in Santa Cruz and her illustration studies at Norwich University of the Arts in the UK.

Born in Felton and raised in Santa Cruz, she spent her childhood exploring the diverse range of nature and landscapes the area has to offer, especially growing to love the local redwoods.

Today, O’Hare’s work reflects these experiences, focusing on subject matter concerned with place, nature, and landscape. Her illustrations most often take the form of watercolors, but she also enjoys experimenting with printmaking and exploring book formats through the creation of artists’ books. Most of all, she enjoys working outdoors whenever she can.  

The Artist

Gregory Souza
Boulder Creek Brigadoon – Watercolor

Gregory is a Boulder Creek Native and 6th Generation Californian

• Santa Cruz County Fair: Awards in art, crafts, poetry and cooking
• Published illustrator: Baby Elephant & Owl
• Dance: lntermediate Tap Dancer
• Kenpo Karate: Blue belt
• Presidential Physical Fitness Award
• Santa Cruz County Science and Engineering Competition:
---- Multiple awards for supercapacitor scooter project

Current Projects:
• Art: Water color, acrylic, oil paintings, pottery
• Dance: Teaching his father tap dancing
• Mathematics:
---- Summer project: Learn more algebra and trigonometry
• Engineering:
---- Solar eclipse data acquisition system.

The Artist

Rachel Wooster
Drop of Life – Photographic Print

Rachel has been called Wildflower since she was a wee-one and has been creating artwork just as long. She has always been concerned with history, nature, and the well-being of animals. She has done rehabilitation work with wildlife, foster work with cats, and spay education. The importance of volunteering and community was instilled in her from a young age by her parents. She currently is focused on restoring a historic Victorian home she lives in and creating an edible garden on the property. This current focus is allowing her to delve deeper into her love of history and combine that with her goal of living harmoniously with nature. Sharing these experiences and teaching them to her godson is of the highest priority to her. The future of our planet is dependent on us and how we teach our children, teaching them the importance of being caretakers and guardians of our planet is essential.

Her childhood was spent in rural Iowa and Ohio. This exposed her to farm life and a slower pace of life than what she later experienced in southern California as a teen and young adult. She spent much of her early adulthood finding her own balance between the convenience of city life and the joy of rural living. She has settled down in Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz mountains. It is a small town with a very rural liberal hippy feel to it, which is important to her as a lesbian artist and writer. The ability to reconnect with nature and have a sense of community is giving her balance and joy in her life that has been missing for many years.

Her artwork is a reflection of the joy and love that she sees in nature and all living things. It helps to document, educate, and celebrate people living in harmony with nature.

The Artist

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